Department of English - Profile


                 The Department of English has been established in the year  English is the only Language which is the common Language of the Languages of the whole world. English Language is spoken all over the world. Even in India, English is treated and considered the official Language. English as the primary source of communication, is helping, strengthening the Students, Job Aspirants and everyone who are scaling for higher Studies and Jobs. Especially, in the field of Employment, the English Communication is a tested metric in Interviews, Group Discussions, etc., to identify the strengths of the Job Seekers. English Language is becoming more and more common Language in use and usage. English is a prioritized Language in digital media.English is a Successful Language of the Successful people.



The overall Mission of the Department of English is to promote Communication Skills and Soft Skills in English for Employability and Career Building. As this Mission is always strengthened, the department of English also imparts the Skills of LSRW - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing and gives Practice and Training to the Students to become Professional Writers, Speakers, Readers and Listeners.

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