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The art and science of governing is political science. It has been a preoccupation of intellectuals since the time of Aristotle and serves as a foundation for humanistic studies. Political science education can help you prepare for a range of professions that need advanced analytical and communication skills. Political campaigns, local and national government careers, journalism, business, law, and international agencies are just a few of the career options that are available.Political science is significant not only for careers in government and local government, but also for everyday life. Understanding and knowledge of how the world works can be enhanced by studying political science. The Department of Political Science offers certain undergraduate programmes with this perspective in mind.
      The Department of Political Science endeavors to generate new knowledge& produce students who are trained in Political Science.
      To connect and relate degree with employability by providing an add-on Job oriented course and develops the department as a Career guidance Centre.

       The Department of Political Science strives to pursue academic excellence in teaching, research and extension.

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