Department of Sanskrit - Profile


                                   The department of Sanskrit is also one of the department which is formed in the year . Many eminent scholars have served in the department. The department of Sanskrit offers second language course for B.A, B.Com and B.Sc. The department is also vigilant in popularizing the importance of Sanskrit language among the students, as it is the divine language and mother of all languages.


·         To make students men and women of Competence Conscience and Compassionate Commitment.

·         To develop a positive Outlook towards Sanskrit language among the students.

·         To familiarize the students with the various modern trends in Sanskrit literature. To develop the language proficiency and communication skill of the students in Sanskrit language.


      To make people of conscience Lessons included in the syllabus are

         Ahimsa Parmo Dharmah



         Values in Ramayana and Mahabharata

         Short stories in Sanskrit

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